"Sattvic" in Sanskrit means balanced and pure.

We live in a world where our success is determined by how we look, what we own and how much we achieve. However as per Yogic and Ayurvedic teachings, the real purpose of yoga is to recognize and control the patterns of our mind and be able to live a balanced and pure life in order to see our true self. As a Hatha, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Health Coach, I try to live and promote a Sattvic lifestyle.


If you would like to practice with me, you can attend Vinyasa and Hatha Flow in studio classes in Enso Studio, Centre de Yoga, 13 Rue Massena, Nice France.


If you are not based in France / prefer to attend classes from the comfort of your home, you can also join my weekly Zoom (Online) classes where I guide you through a more gentle and relaxing yoga flow.  

All my classes are adapted to beginners and I try to go beyond just the physical practice of yoga, incorporating philosophy and other techniques


Watch out also for workshops on pranayama (breathing techniques),  Sound healing  and Mantra Chanting, Kids yoga and Ayurveda health analysis programs


Remember, every body is different, every journey is different and yoga is that guiding light that will help you understand yourself better and truly enjoy this wonderful gift called life!

START your Wellness Journey NOW! 

Group Classes

Yoga Dynamic Vinyasa

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Yoga HATHA Flow 

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Meditation & Pranayama

Gentle / Relaxing Yoga 

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Wellness Workshops

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Wellness through dance & yoga


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