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Enhance your self-discovery journey and explore holistic wellness inspired by Ayurvedic & Yogic principles. I seek to help individuals treat their gut, tone their bodies and train their minds with the purpose of living a more Sattvic or balanced life. 

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Yoga and Ayurveda Lifestyle


Specially designed for women to create a mindset shift and empower women to fall in love with their periods. Cyclic Living allows you to balance your hormones and become truly unstoppable! 

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Take a trip across my world of art, a virtual land of emotions and colours. My art is inspired by my experiences and travels. Part of the proceeds of my sales go to supporting different causes and charities close to my heart. 

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Yoga and Ayurveda Lifestyle and Wellness to lead a more balanced life
Indian artist art on sale oil canvas pencil sketch
Yamini Naik Ayurveda Yoga Indian Coach Online Courses

My Story

Thanks for taking time to get to know me! My name is Yamini.

Born and raised in India, in a family of artists and to parents who followed spiritual teachings, I was introduced to Ayurvedic, Yogic Practices and Art since my childhood.  In my adult life, I have lived in and travelled to many countries. I observed first hand the problems we face in the modern world globally that impact our wellbeing. The realisation that often in the pursuit of money, fame and material desires, we as a race have forgotten our true wealth - our mental and physical well being brought me back to my roots and ancient Indian Yogic teachings.

Today I am a certified Ayurveda Health and Yoga coach and creator of La Vie Sattvic, a brand that helps you live a more balanced life. A special project that I designed through La Vie Sattvic in collaboration with a friend Devika is Cyclic Living, a community and MasterClass for women to balance their hormones and unlock their true potential.

Through Art for Good, I create art in different forms inspired by my travels.

You have the links above to discover my art and also dive into Yoga and Sattvic living me! 

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