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About ME!

Being born and raised in India, in a family of artists and to parents who followed spiritual teachings, I was introduced to Ayurvedic, Yogic Practices and Art since my childhood. I also trained in an classical Indian Dance form - Bharatnatyam for 13 years. 

In my adult life, I have lived in and travelled to many countries through my various profession. My experiences in different cultures, helped me realize that often in the pursuit of money, fame and material desires, we as a race have forgotten our true wealth - our mental and physical well being. This realization brought me back to my roots and ancient Indian Yogic teachings that I was exposed to as a child. 


Today I am a certified Ayurveda Health and Yoga coach. I help people with physical, emotional and gut-related concerns to find holistic and natural solutions through Ayurvedic and Yogic practices resulting in a more sattvic or balanced life


I hope you will enjoy my art and also discuss Yoga and Sattvic living me! 

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