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Sattvic Reading

Here are some articles that I have written for you on different topics, always with the same intention of helping you lead a balanced, content and stress free life. 


Cyclic Living: A Transformation

Cyclic living is rooted in the idea that our lives, just like natural cycles, go through phases of growth, rest, and renewal. Progress is not linear, it’s Cyclic. The fact that I always showed up, always put in my 100% in everything, multitasked and overachieved meant that I was successful in the eyes of society. My life changed when I started determining my definition of success and embraced the concept of Cyclic Living. Read more here...

Who am I? 

Understanding oneself is the starting point for holistic well-being. By recognizing your inherent nature and aligning your choices with it, you create a sustainable path to wellness. This approach will help you not jump on someone else's wagon but rather find a lifestyle that works for you. So how can you understand yourself better? Ayurveda and Yoga offers you a new perspective of self understanding through “Doshas” or Elements of nature. Read more here..


What is Ayurveda? 

In a modern world that rushes faster than a flowing river, slowing down to connect with our inner selves is a difficult task. Ayurveda, a timeless philosophy could be the solution. But why should you care about Ayurveda amidst the hustle and bustle of modern living? Ayurveda can be your guide to mindful living. Ayurveda can help you achieve balance. If you embark on this journey, you'll not only experience radiant health but also a renewed connection to yourself. Read more here..

Become your own Yoga teacher!

Everything in nature is constantly changing or evolving. And so are we. But are you aware of this every day? Some days the body feels flexible and capable, and on other days it feels stiff and tired. Having a regular self-practice routine can help you scan your body and give it what it needs for the day. Many of us either lack motivation or have no idea what to do as a yoga self- practice when there is no teacher or video to guide us. If that is your case, read on!

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